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KONY2012 KONY2012

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I liked it, the animations were pretty good and your points were definitely valid, but Kony hasn't operated in Uganda since 2003, now him and his peoples are causing troubles in southern Sudan. And the whole point behind the Kony 2012 movement isn't to provide aid to the people and childrens of Uganda, there are already institutions in place for that purpose, its to make sure that people don't forget about that asshole, so the politicians don't just brush it under the carpet and forget about it. Invisible Children was about making the shit that happened to said children known, to give them a voice. Kony is about making Joseph Kony and his transgressions known to the world so he can't just drop off the radar. My two cents, anyway. And also, on the whole beating off in public thing, that shit was uploaded and made big by fuckin TMZ, and if you're going to trust whatever TMZ says thats on you, but I think them and MTV is mostly a bunch of fuck-ups who'll do anything for publicity. That said, this was funny vid and the work you put in on it was apparent. Good shit, keep it up.

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